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sMothered Sunhe Feels Jason Does Not Have What It Takes To Be A Good Dad

sMothered Sunhe Feels Jason Does Not Have What It Takes To Be A Good DadFans of sMothered are well aware of what Sunhe thinks of Jason, her daughter’s boyfriend. She has made it clear on countless occasions that her daughter, Angelica, deserves a better man in her life. Lately, Sunhe has taken it a notch higher by verbally condemning Jason’s fathering skills.

She feels that Jason does not have what it takes to be a good father to Amara, her granddaughter. In her opinion, Jason is simply just babysitting.

Is Angelica’s Mom The Reason Behind Her Calling Off The Wedding?

Jason and Angelica were close to becoming a married couple, but some things prevented their marriage. For starters, Angelica started to have serious doubts about Jason’s commitment to their future together.

Jason himself has covered himself in glory too. He never was specific in his plans for Angelica when his mom asked him. For someone who has been married before, he should do better.

Jason’s mother hasn’t helped matters as well. She opines that her son doesn’t need to show how committed he is by marrying Angelica.

At the start of season 4, Angelica revealed she stopped the wedding. Her reason was that she wanted both mothers to give their blessing. However, Sunhe still believes strongly that Jason is not worthy of her daughter. She thinks something fishy is going on.

sMothered Sunhe Feels Jason Does Not Have What It Takes To Be A Good Dad

Is Jason Just Babysitting?

In a recent clip released by TLC, Sunhe is seen berating Jason for his lackluster efforts at fatherhood. On an occasion when Angelica leaves Amara with Jason, he doesn’t do much to take care of her. He stylishly avoids changing her diapers and preparing meals for her.

In her frustrated mood, Sunhe calls him out for being nothing more than a babysitter. She secretly hopes her daughter sends him away. It remains to be seen if Angelica will oblige. Though she seems to realize that Jason is not the right man for her.

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