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Sister Wives: Christine Brown Speaks About Her Relationship With Janelle & Meri

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Speaks About Her Relationship With Janelle & MeriChristine Brown, the former wife of Kody Brown, has finally revealed what we didn’t know about Janelle and Meri. To bring back to memory,  Meri Brown was Kody’s first wife. Janelle came after a while then Christine became his third wife.

For many fans, Christine was supposed to be the last wife that Kody would have. However, this was not the case, as Robyn came into the picture. Since Robyn entered the house, Kody’s love for his other wives grew cold.

Unlike the other wives, Christine was not willing to sit back and stay in a marriage where there was no love. Christine revealed that she wanted to have coitus with her husband. But Kody Brown only cared for Robyn. This was one of the reasons why Christine left the marriage.

Christine Opens Up On Issues Involving Meri & Janelle

In a recent interview, Christine admitted that Meri & Janelle were not always in agreement. She explained that Kody was the one who brought Janelle into the family, and it caused a lot of trouble. She pointed out that the wives were not enemies but were not friends.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Speaks About Her Relationship With Janelle & Meri

When she entered the family, she tried to smoothen the friction between Janelle and Meri. And it worked. Christine seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle at that time. It all came together for a while.

Now that Christine has left, will there be trouble? Many fans believe that Christine’s departure would spell doom for the family. But can Robyn become the mediator between Meri and Janelle? Or would their relationship go back to what it once was?

It is evident to many fans that Christine cherishes her relationship with Janelle. As for their other wives, they were not happy that Christine left the family. And from how it looks, Christine doesn’t see them as either.

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  1. […] Sister Wives will premiere on September 11 and fans are very excited about the upcoming season. In one the clips for the new season shows Christine talking to Kody about their sex life. She tells him, “I asked you that night if it was over like if our intimate part of our marriage was over, you said it was over.” That is when Kody told her that he never said it was over, he just shrugged his shoulders because he wasn’t sure if he knew the answer. […]

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