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Carver Bower Debunks Rumors About His Relationship With Johannah Duggar

Carver Bower Debunks Rumors About His Relationship With Johannah DuggarThere have been rumors that Johanna Duggar is currently dating her best friend. And now, the supposed boyfriend, Carver Bowers, is speaking out. For many months, fans have been connecting the dots. There are hints that something may be going on between the two of them.

That said, the Duggar family has made no courtship announcement. Carver has been asked about his relationship with Johanna several times. That may be the reason why he’s addressing it now. Keep reading to find out more.

The Alleged Couple

Many fans in the past have raised suspicions. In reality, Johannah and Carver are very good friends. However, it’s not clear how these rumors came to be.

Now, it’s true that as the Duggar Kids grow up, fans would want to know who they’re dating. Johanna will be celebrating her 17th birthday next month, so she’s getting close to the age of courting. Many of her siblings got married when they were in their early twenties.

For example, Justin Duggar got married at the age of 18. So, it won’t be surprising if Johanna starts courting at 16 or 17 years. For now, the Duggars have not commented on this issue. Instead, they have been laying low since Josh was arrested on child pornography charges.

Carver Bower Debunks Rumors About His Relationship With Johannah Duggar

Carver Bowers Speaks Up

On his Instagram stories, Carver hosted a Q&A session with his followers. He allowed his fans to send his questions and did his best to answer some of them. Now one of these questions was if he was dating Johanna Duggar.

He said no and further stated that they were family friends. Carver used screenshots of YouTube videos and news articles about him dating Johannah as proof. He acknowledged that there were a lot of rumors about their relationship. But it was not true.

This isn’t the first time Carver has addressed this issue. It was also reported in May 2021. He debunked those rumors after he told fans the truth. We may have to wait to find out whether these rumors were true.

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