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Did Little People Big World Matt Roloff Ever Cheat On Amy?

Did Little People Big World Matt Roloff Ever Cheat On Amy?It’s not new that Matt and Amy Roloff of Little People, Big World are no longer together. At the moment, Matt Roloff is in a happy relationship with Caryn Chandler. And Amy Roloff got married to another man named Chris Marek.

However, many fans would still love to know what went wrong in their relationship. They want to see why they separated. One of the crucial questions is this: was Matt faithful to Amy when they were married? Or did he cheat on her? Want to know why it ended? Keep reading!

Did Matt Have A Relationship With Caryn While Married?

As usual, some of these ‘interesting’ questions came from Reddit. One user was curious about the whole situation. They just wanted to know if Matt cheated on Amy with Caryn. Fans had a lot to say about this.

In response, one user mentioned that Amy once revealed that she saw some inappropriate messages Caryn And Matt shared. One user confirmed that Amy wrote about this in her book. However, they pointed out that Amy never mentioned Caryn’s name.

Amy stated that a married man shouldn’t send these messages. The same fan also revealed that during an AMA session on Reddit, a verified insider claimed that Matt had an affair with Caryn. And this affair lasted for nine years.

Did Little People Big World Matt Roloff Ever Cheat On Amy?

Fans React

Many fans commented on this threat, too: “at the very least, Matt was having an emotional affair. To me, that’s still very painful, and I would ask for a divorce based on that alone,” one user wrote.

Another user confirmed that Amy wrote some stuff about her husband’s immoral behavior. However, she never mentioned the culprit. According to Amy’s book, this person had worked on the farm for a long time. Amy confirmed her suspicions about the affair after finding the texts.

From another angle, one user claimed that Matt & Amy didn’t live in a big town. And rumors about his unfaithfulness spread across the town rapidly. What do you guys think?

Is there an iota of truth to these stories? Was this the reason for the split? Let us know in the comment section. 

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