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1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Loses Weight And Boyfriend

1000lb Sisters-Tammy Slaton-3Here’s a brand new 1000-Lb Sisters update that would keep you glued to our site. Tammy Slaton is now single again. While she was in rehab, Tammy managed to lose weight. However, she lost more than that during the whole process.

During this rehab, Tammy reconnected with her former boyfriend, Phillip Redmond. However, it seems like they’re no longer together anymore. Tammy confirmed this on a TikTok post this week. So how has she been holding up post-breakup? Keep reading to find out.

Tammy Celebrates Her Marital Status

On the show, Tammy’s boyfriend is known as the “BBW King.” he wasn’t very popular with the rest of Tammy’s family. Many of Tammy’s siblings claimed he was just obsessed with Tammy and didn’t care about her health.

Honestly, the family was very happy they were no longer together. But after a while, it seems like they fell in love again while she was in rehab.

Many fans wanted to know the reason for the split. But from the looks of it, Tammy is unwilling to share many details on the subject. Notwithstanding, she revealed to her fans that it was a “personal” decision, and it didn’t work out between them.

Before this breakup, Tammy was in a relationship with another man named Mikey Mooney. It’s pretty unclear how their relationship came to an end. But either way, he’s no longer in the picture.

1000lb Sisters-Tammy Slaton-3

A New Season?

If the show returns for a new season, fans might be able to see what happened to Tammy and her failed relationships. Many fans believe that she should focus on herself and avoid romantic relationships for now.

Fans are waiting for TLC to announce a new season for the show. Tammy and Amy have been very busy, so there would be no dull moments in the storylines. So what’s happening?

Many fans believe that Season 4 is already filming, and TLC will probably make an announcement soon. If Season 4 ever comes to the limelight, many viewers will get to see Amy’s pregnancy journey. They will also see Tammy’s transformation journey and surgery. 

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