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Teen Mom: Farrah’s Daughter Has A Boyfriend?

Teen Mom: Farrah's Daughter Has A Boyfriend?The Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been under the radar after fans blasted her for taking her 13-year-old daughter for clubbing. In response, she revealed that it was nothing but a fun concert. Now, she’s in the news for another reason.

Fans are now praising her for being an understanding mother. Her daughter, Sophia, just flaunted her Boyfriend on social media.

Sophia Abraham’s New Boyfriend

Sophia shared an adorable video of her and her man on Tiktok as she made a Build-a-bear. It was a short clip, so fans couldn’t see the man’s face. However, reports from The Sun showed that he was of the same age group as Sophia. He also looked taller than her.

In this video, Sophia’s Boyfriend made some remarks about her love for dark clothing. He wore an all-black shirt with a pair of black khakis to match. Sophia, on the other hand, wore an all-black ensemble with heavy black platform shoes.

The All-Black Couple

Fans were very excited to see the couple. On Reddi, many fans commented that Sophia looked like a “sweet kid.” Others also claimed that Sophia was also very different from her mother in many ways.

Fans also commended the Build-a-Bear activity they did as it reminded many of them of dating at that age. One user commented that they were happy to see Sophia expressing herself in her own way. They were also surprised that Farrah was in full support of it.

Teen Mom: Farrah's Daughter Has A Boyfriend?

Farrah Abraham Slammed For Being A Bad Mother

For many fans, giving Sophia a chance to live her life was one of Farrah’s best decisions. It was one of the times Farrah was praised for her parenting skills. Aside from this, she has been bashed by fans on various occasions.

She was criticized for partying with her daughter at an 18+ club in Texas on July 18. Farrah defended herself by saying that it was an ‘all age’ concert, and she accompanied her daughter to the show.

That said, what do you think about Sophia’s New Boyfriend? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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