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American Idol: Carrie Underwood Enjoys The Thrill Of The Dollywood Park

American Idol: Carrie Underwood Enjoys The Thrill Of The Dollywood ParkDollywood Park has recently been a fun place for many celebrity families. The Busby family had a fun time together at Dollywood, but guess who went there this time? Carrie Underwood!

The Grammy award-winning singer shared images of her trip to the famous Dollywood Park with her family on social media.

A Trip To Dollywood Might Just Become An Annual Fisher Family Tradition

Carrie uploaded several pictures taken during the Dollywood trip on her Instagram account. The 39-year-old country singer was blown away by the fantastic atmosphere, adding that she thoroughly enjoyed herself.

In one of her captions, the American Idol winner appreciated the friendly welcome she and her family received at the park. She added that the Dollywood trip might be an annual event for the Fisher family.

Popular nutritionist Cara Clark attested to Dollywood’s exciting atmosphere when dropping a comment. She said she was happy that Carrie also enjoyed the place as much as she did.

Carrie Goes Unnoticed In Dollywood

For someone who is a Grammy award-winning singer, it’s funny  to know that people didn’t recognize Carrie at Dollywood. Several fans were perplexed that she wasn’t picked out and hoped she enjoyed herself as a mother rather than a celebrity singer.

However, the impression that Carrie wasn’t recognized was cleared by another fan. The fan said she was followed by security personnel and an employee of Dollywood around the park.

Well, most fans were happy that she could enjoy herself publicly without any disturbance.

Carrie The Garden Lover

It is known to most fans of the country singer that she loves gardening. Most of her pictures on Instagram attest to this fact. In recent Instagram photos, she shared pictures of fresh oranges and beans she plucked from her garden. 

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