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Has Jana Duggar Moved Out Of Her Parent’s House?

Has Jana Duggar Moved Out Of Her Parent's House?Ardent followers of the former TLC series, Counting On, have always known Jana Duggar lives with her parents. However, the latest news coming out of the Duggar family has it that she has moved out.

Jana’s lifestyle has always been a mystery to Duggar fans. They have always wondered why Jana didn’t have a man in her life and chose to stay at home. It is well known to Counting On fans that most of her siblings got married in their 20s. So why is the 32-year-old acting different?

At her age, there’s been no concrete news of her being in a serious relationship with any guy. It is well known that before any of the Duggar kids left home, they were legally married. Jana is still very much a single lady and fans wonder what the future holds in stock for her. Well, sources say that she has moved out of Jim Bob and Michelle’s house.

Has Jana Duggar Moved Out Of Her Parent's House?

Jana Finally Leaves The Duggar House?

The rumors making the rounds have it that Jana has left her parents’ house. The rumors are said to have been confirmed by an acquaintance of the Duggars, who also lives in Arkansas. The source revealed that Jana moved out after renovation works on her house were completed.

It will be recalled that Jana has always been busy with renovation projects on the Counting On show. She even uploaded some of her projects on social media. So, the allegations of her renovating her own house could be true. Her house is said to be about 30 minutes away from the Duggar family’s house.

News has it that she has been renovating the house since April. It is also said that she wouldn’t be living alone. 

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  1. […] For example, Justin Duggar got married at the age of 18. So, it won’t be surprising if Johanna starts courting at 16 or 17 years. For now, the Duggars have not commented on this issue. Instead, they have been laying low since Josh was arrested on child pornography charges. […]

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