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Mama June: Another Court Case? What Happened?

Mama June: Another Court Case? What Happened?Mama June Shannon is going back to court. However, this time, she’s going by choice. In addition, her court appearance would be televised to ensure that all her followers see what happens.

So, what seems to be the problem since she went by choice? Why is she in front of a judge again? Keep reading to find out.

Mama June’s Interesting Legal Records

The mother of two has not been on her best behavior legally. For instance, she was arrested on drug charges in 2019. June was dating Geno Doak at that time. Her youngest daughter, Alana’ Honey Boo Boo’, had to start staying with her oldest daughter, Pumpkin, during this period.

Amidst the whole crisis, Mama June believed she wouldn’t end up in jail. Geno tried to make her see that there was no way it wouldn’t happen. Fortunately for her, she didn’t. But that wasn’t the end of her court woes.

She was again in court when her daughter, Pumpkin, tried to take full custody of her Alana. June was still prioritizing men over her children. Hence, Pumpkin felt that this was the best option.

June signed the papers, but she was not in total agreement on the whole child support issue. To her, signing the documents frees her from all forms of parental obligations. She wasn’t in full support of it. Eventually, the matter was settled, and Pumpkin gained custody of Alana.

So what seems to be the problem again? Why is she back in the courtroom?

Mama June: Another Court Case? What Happened?

Mama June Goes Back To Court

Reports from TMZ revealed that Mama June is willingly heading back to the court concerning a specific issue. She appears on Court Night Live as a plaintiff. She raises a case against her former friend, Adam Barta, a content creator.

Mama June is suing Barta for $5,000 for work not paid for. Putatively, both Adam and June worked on a YouTube show where they would talk about pop culture. Plus, she affirmed that he offered advice which eventually turned into daily consultations.

Barta was supposed to pay June for her time, but he didn’t. Hence, the reason why Mama June is taking him to television court. Adam felt he and June were great friends, and it was not about the money. Unfortunately, June doesn’t see it that way.

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