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Counting On Star Jana Duggar Finally Escapes From Jim Bob’s Home?

Counting On Star Jana Duggar Finally Escapes From Jim Bob's Home?Counting On news got TLC fans gasping this week, as allegedly, Jana Duggar finally cut the apron strings and got her own place. Actually, fans had long given up that it might ever happen. Certainly, most of them anticipated that freedom would only come with marriage. So, did she tie the knot? Is the story verified?

Counting On – Jana Duggar Was Quiet On Social Media

The last time that the TLC alum posted on her Instagram profile page was back in March this year. In the meantime, she did appear in photos shared by other family members and friends. Actually, back in July, she looked nicely dressed and fans heard that she and her brother James went to Cincinnati, Ohio for a wedding. She might be 32 now, but that didn’t mean she went unchaperoned.

Counting On fans suspected for years, that the reason Jana didn’t marry is because she prefers a same-sex partnership. So, as Jim Bob Duggar is unlikely to allow that, she remained chained to the family home in Tontitown. Back in 2020 when she and her friend Laura met up, once again James was with her. So, many TLC fans wished that she would just run away or something. But, she didn’t. However, she reportedly planned her escape for the future.

Counting On Alum Jana Finally Leaves The Big House?

According to the YouTube channel, Tuff Topic, the twin of  John-David Duggar has been waiting for her new place to be completed. Surprisingly, it’s not just around the corner. Allegedly, it’s about “30 minutes” away. Reportedly, she’s been busy settling in since about April. However, the influencer noted that no property records were checked.

Counting On Star Jana Duggar Finally Escapes From Jim Bob
Jana Duggar / Instagram

The news about the Counting On alum hinted that perhaps Laura and Jana will move in together. However, it might not be accurate. After all, follower Wrestler X said in the comments that Katie Joy hasn’t run the story. Apparently she “is claiming it isn’t true that Jana moved out.”

Unverified Rumors?

On her own Instagram, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball disputed the Counting On claim. She noted, “I reached out to multiple sources with direct connections to the Duggars who said they have heard nothing of the sort. If Jana moved out, everyone in their circles would know & nothing has been said.”

Additionally, digging into it, the influencer learned that “the rumor seems to have originated on Reddit but was not confirmed.”

Another consideration is that for Jana to move out right now simply wouldn’t suit Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, After all, they still have kids thats  need someone to act as a “babysitter.”

What are your thoughts? Do you believe such monumental news is real? Or are you taking it with a pinch of salt. Sound off in the comments below.

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