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The Thrilling Changes Fans Should Expect In Season 31 Of DWTS

 The Thrilling Changes Fans Should Expect In Season 31 Of DWTSThe 31st season of Dancing With The Stars is due to premiere in a little over a month. With a scheduled premiere date of 19th September, fans won’t have to wait much longer.

However, many fans haven’t welcomed the show moving to the Disney+ channel. But not to worry, producers have made some exciting changes to the show.

DWTS Premieres On Disney+

It must be said that the producers of DWTS are working hard to bring back the show’s glamor. The idea to move the show to Disney+ hasn’t exactly been a good one.

However, it has made for one exciting change in the show. With DWTS airing on Disney+, there will be no commercials interruptions at all. This change alone is surely going to please a lot of fans. Season 32 will also be aired on Disney+. It is not yet known if it will be free of commercials though.

However, this change does have its challenges. For starters, the team who reset the stage after each routine might be rushed to clean up the stage area.

Secondly, dancers and their partners may not have ample time to properly change into costumes. Lastly, judges will have to compile their scores in a shorter time.

It’s up to Disney+ to figure a way out of the challenges before the September 19 premiere. Season 31 will also feature a lot of more Disney-themed dancing routines.  This was revealed on video reels on the Disney+ official Twitter account.

 The Thrilling Changes Fans Should Expect In Season 31 Of DWTS

Who Is Expected To Return In Season 31?

There has been no official statement from DWTS on who is going to be cast members. Fans will have to wait until the 8th of September to know the professional dancers and their celebrity partners. This will be revealed on the show, Good Morning America.

Tyra Banks returns as the host of the show. However, she will have a co-host partner in Alfonso Ribeiro.

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