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I Love A Mama’s Boy Spoilers: The Reason Why Kelly Is Always Hard On Matt’s Girlfrends?

I Love A Mama's Boy Spoilers: The Reason Why Kelly Is Always Hard On Matt’s Girlfrends?Fans of I Love A Mama’s Boy have observed with chagrin the way Kelly treats her son’s girlfriends.

Since the first season of ILAMB, Kelly has sabotaged all of Matt’s relationships. It is obvious she is the main reason why her son, Matt McAdamsis still single. ILAMB fans have wondered why she is mean to Matt’s girlfriends on purpose.

Kelly Knows How To Rile People Up

It is plain to see that Kelly enjoys spending time with her son, Matt. They have days set aside when it’s just the two of them doing things together.

One of the things they loved doing together was going to the spa once a month. On these days, they went for pedicures. One of Matt’s ex-girlfriends, Kimberly Combs, loved following them to the spa.

However, Kelly didn’t enjoy her following them at all. She felt Kim was intruding on her time with Matt. When Matt and Kim were planning to get wedded, Kelly wasn’t too keen on it. After their breakup, Matt met Brittany.

He took Brittany home to meet his mom. Even Matt was not comfortable with his mom’s interrogative behavior toward Brittany at their first meeting. She even made her presence felt during their most private moments.

So, Why has Kelly just been mean and intrusive in Matt’s relationships?

I Love A Mama's Boy Spoilers: The Reason Why Kelly Is Always Hard On Matt’s Girlfrends?

Is There A Hidden Agenda Behind Kelly’s Attitude?

ILAMB fans feel that Kelly has been a mean mother for a particular reason. Most fans on Reddit have often wondered if Matt’s sexuality is straight. They are of the belief that Matt is gay. So, they feel that she is been mean in order to protect Matt’s gay identity.

However, fans feel that it would be better for Matt to openly come as gay if it is true. Most of them also want Kelly to have a male partner, so she can spend less time with Matt.

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