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Is TLC’s sMothered Becoming A Cringe-Worthy Freak Show?

Is TLC's sMothered Becoming A Cringe-Worthy Freak Show?sMothered Season 4 premiered on TLC on August 8th, and there are a lot of shocked fans out there. The cast includes some previous folks like Cristina and Kathy, Angelica and Sunhe, and of course, Cher and Dawn from Season 1. But newcomers, Paula and Francia seem to take the cake for unacceptable intimacy. So, some folks discussed that the show’s just cringeworthy and becomes a freak show.

sMothered Fans Know The Cast Sometimes Seems Cringe-Worthy

Over the years, TLC fans saw mom and daughter duos who share their bathwater. Meanwhile, others feel nothing is wrong with exposing their toilet habits. Or, their Brazilian waxing sessions. Recall. last season, fans complained because Rykia Lewis and her mom Karla McCoy watched a sex tape together and shared Brazillian waxes. So, fans felt it bordered on becoming incestuous.

Another sMothered duo that freaked out TLC fans involved Lisa Kimball and Lauren Kimball Reese. Lauren was already married to her wife. And yet she still slept over with her mom. Altogether way too cozy and very imitate, fans felt that the show started exceeding boundaries. However, it looks like Season 4 is so out there that fans no longer wish to watch it.

sMothered – Paula And Francia Seem Way Too Close

If you don’t know, the two women, Paula And Francia, are the first Latino duo on the show. However, fans don’t dislike them for that reason. Simply, they don’t like seeing them always parading around with no clothes on. Then, they engage in “tickle” fighting. And, fans don’t like that after sleeping with her mom, they did some thigh tickling.

TLC sMothered Becoming A Cringeworthy Freak Show
TLC / Instagram

sMothered fans do not like to hear that Paula literally acts like her mom’s mother! And, they also don’t need to hear that Paula and her mom share their toilet habits in great detail with each other. So, when a new poster for the show dropped on TLC’s Instagram, a lot of people expressed their disgust.

Cringeworthy Freak Show?

sMothered fans who discussed Paula And Francia think that it all becomes way too much. One of them said in the comments, “Omg. I cringe watching Francia and Paula. Please get rid of them. That tickling freaks me out.”

Other people felt the same way. This comment arrived: “Omgggg for reallll!!! I literally just came here to comment about this too!!! Like wtf it’s going on here!? Like wtf is TLC promoting!? 😳😳😳🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🤮🤮🤮🤦🏾‍♀️.”

Fully in agreement, another ex-fan said, “it was so cringe worthy. I haven’t tickled my kids since they were little and her tickling her thigh🤮.”

“This is now sinking into the depths of depravity,” was the opinion of another viewer. Meanwhile the words, “freak show,” appeared.

What do you think? Is TLC taking this into the realm of unwatchable by younger viewers? Do you think it has become more than cringe-worthy and borders on promoting “freakish” relationships? Sound off in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC show right now. Come back here often for sMothered spoilers, news, and updates.

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