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Counting On: Amy King Gets Defensive About Carrots

Counting On: Amy King Gets Defensive About CarrotsCounting On fans know that if they want some tea on the Duggar family, then Amy King is the go-to person. However, she still makes some heat from TLC fans, and sometimes they accuse the Duggar cousin of just trying to stay relevant. On other occasions, fans let her have it because she talks about her faith. But this week, critics are all upset about carrots and her son Daxton.

Counting On Critics Look For Trollable Content

As trolling and bashing seem to become the national sport in the USA, nobody is safe from trolling. Actually, the more well-known the face, the more trolling goes their way. Of course, folks could just stay off social media altogether, but reality TV stars rely on it to keep their bank accounts full. Amy King, like the rest of the Duggars, keeps the content coming. And, there’s not always a good response.

Counting On fans love it when Amy calls out the Duggar family for being toxic. Or when she spills her feelings about her cousin, Josh. But when it comes to being a mom, she sometimes takes a lot of heat. Cute little Daxton King stood front and center of Reddit discussion after his mom shared him looking for some snacks. And, that led to the former TLC star getting all defensive about carrots.

Why Are Counting On Fans Discussing Amy King And Carrots?

On August 12, Daxton’s mom took to her Instagram Stories and shared some photos and clips of Daxton. Hungry for a snack, he looked inside the fridge. Actually, he climbed in it. Although Amy was right there, people always become a bit worried about that sort of thing. But that’s not what worked up folks over on Reddit.

Counting On Amy King Gets Defensive About Carrots
Amy Rachel King / Instagram Stories

TV Shows Ace carried a story about how the carrot conversation began. They reported that when Daxton climbed up into the refrigerator, Amy said, My little monkey 🙈 Daxxy wanted carrots… so I said hop little bunny, let’s see you get them! 😂.” Counting On viewers on Reddit slammed her for having a “bag of edibles or cannabis-based gummies,”  (top left). Additionally, some of them complained because they couldn’t see any carrots inside.

Getting Defensive After Trolling

Obviously, Amy got some messages in her DMs. Either that or she follows Reddit as well. Counting On fans had accused her of setting up the photo to promote the edibles. Actually, one person noted that she said in the past that her husband, Dillon likes them.

Taking all the critics seriously, Amy King went to the trouble of filming the inside of her fridge. Yes, she procured a bag of carrots and pointed out other healthy things like plums and watermelon. However, she had nothing further to say about having cannabis edibles in an attractive packet where a kid might reach them.

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