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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares Big News With Fans

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares Big News With FansJanelle Brown is having a good time this summer. Aside from being a grandmother again, the new season of Sister Wives will start soon. Now, Janelle is sharing another big news with her followers. Want to know what it’s about? Keep reading to learn more.

Janelle Brown’s Latest Achievements

Getting to Las Vegas was a blessing in disguise for Janelle. She was finally able to take control of her life. Janelle has always been known as the hard-working wife of the home. She was always in the office from sunrise to sunset. And she liked it that way.

With the help of her sister wife, Christine, she could work without any distractions from the kids. In Utah, the wives lived in one home. However, moving to Las Vegas, The wives had their own home.

In this setting, they were now responsible for their children, which was a big shift from the usual before the move. Janelle adjusted to this change and went into real estate. In no time, she got into fitness which was new terrain for her.

Afterward, she started Strive With Janelle, which is a wellness company. In addition, she also started selling Plexus products with her daughter, Maddie, which was very successful.

It seemed as if Janelle was living a more fulfilling life than when she was at the office. She also had more time with her kids, who were very important to her.

Since Kody didn’t like the kind of lifestyle that Janelle was living, she became the father figure to her kids. Kody felt that Janelle’s children were very disobedient and also very reckless.

Despite the negative criticism, Janelle stood behind her family and did her best to ensure their needs were met. No matter what Kody said, Janelle did not abandon her children. During this period, Garrison was saving some money. Today, he has his own home.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Shares Big News With Fans

The Big Announcement

A few weeks ago, Janelle shared a photo of her teaching her youngest daughter, Savanah, how to drive. This was quite scary for fans who watched Savanah grow up. But it seems the training paid off. Janelle just revealed on her Instagram story that Savanah has gotten her license.

Janelle revealed that Savanah drove to her school event today. She admitted that she was slowly beginning to realize that all her children would soon leave the nest. Fortunately, she’s to have a grandchild soon, thanks to one of her daughters, Maddie Brush.

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