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DWTS: Cheryl Burke Is Currently Struggling With Her Sobriety

DWTS: Cheryl Burke Is Currently Struggling With Her SobrietyDancing With The Stars pro, Cheryl Burke has always been open with her struggles with several addictions and her sobriety. Indeed, she has been sober for many years; she has to admit that she struggles to maintain her resolve during difficult situations.

One of these ‘situations’ was her divorce from her former husband and actor, Matthew Lawrence. Keep reading to see what Cheryl had to say.

Cheryl Burke Reveals Her Secret Temptations

The truth is that Cheryl Burke doesn’t want to break her sobriety and take a sip of alcohol. However, things have been rough these days for her. Cheryl is currently divorcing her husband and is also on the road to dating new people.

She has been dealing with a lot of heavy emotions, and she’s trying to stay afloat. She said, “I don’t wanna say that I’ve been feeling like drinking again lately, but it’s definitely been on my mind a lot more than normal.”

Cheryl confessed this during a recent episode of the podcast Burke In The Game. She said that she had talked to her therapist about it. And although she hasn’t been consistent, she’s slowly getting herself back together.

DWTS: Cheryl Burke Is Currently Struggling With Her Sobriety

How Cheryl Is Handling Her Problems With Friendship

Like many people having problems with addictions, Cheryl admits that alcohol was one of the ways she numbed her emotions. However, she doesn’t want to be that person anymore. Although it has been difficult, she is still maintaining her sobriety.

No doubt, work has been a helpful distraction for Cheryl. She also has wonderful friends like AJ Mclean, who have been very helpful. The two of them bonded over similar issues relating to addiction when they competed together on Dancing With The Stars Season 29.

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