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Was the Final Season Of Welcome To Plathville Season 4 A Sham?

Was the Final Season Of Welcome To Plathville Season 4 A Sham?This week saw the 4th season of Welcome To Plathville come to an end. The final episode got fans thrilled with Olivia seen as the heroine and Kim the villain.

However, does the season finale seem too good to be true? Is there a chance that the storyline was scripted to make it look good?

Some members of the Plath clan have come out to give assertions to these questions and more. It seems the final episode of Welcome To Plathville season 4 was a sham.

Micah, Isaac, Moriah, and Lydia, have released a joint statement to set the records straight for fans of the series.

The Plath Kids Defend Kim

Micah, Isaac, Moriah, and Lydia have come out to spill the beans on the season 4 finale. According to them, the truth was the only way they could stay together as a family.

For starters, they have strongly defended their mother, Kim. They said all the theft allegations by Olivia that Kim was stealing from Ethan were untrue. During the final episode of season 4, Olivia openly accused her mother-in-law of stealing from Ethan.

Was the Final Season Of Welcome To Plathville Season 4 A Sham?

In the joint statement posted on Instagram, they revealed that producers left out certain parts of the story.

The statement said their mother and Ethan were running a business deal together. The deal generated made a substantial amount of money for Ethan. Furthermore, the money spent from credit cards was a joint decision between them.

They expressed displeasure with the producers for making Kim a villain without room to defend herself.

Reality Tv Is All About Ratings

In concluding their statement, the Plath family conceded that reality tv shows are focused on ratings. However, they implored fans not to believe all that they see on them. They said the truth was told because of the vulnerable minds of the younger members of the Plath family. 

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