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Why Is Buckhead Shore Star Parker Such A Familiar Face?

Why Is Buckhead Shore Star Parker Such A Familiar Face?MTV premiered Buckhead Shore on  June 23 this year. And, viewers spotted a familiar face. However, quite where that face was seen on Reality TV before eluded some people. If you have not watched the show, basically, it’s about nine people who all live together in one house during the summer.

Buckhead Shore Cast And Synopsis – Parker Gets Complications

The cast of the MTV show includes Savannah Gabriel, Katie Canham, Chelsea Prescott, and Bethania Locke. Other cast members are Patrick Muresan, Julian “JuJu” Barney, DJ Simmons, Adamo Giraldo, and Parker Lipman. The complication for Parker is the fact that Savannah is his girlfriend and his ex, Katie Canham also hangs with the crowd at the lake.

Fans of Buckhead Shore see a guy with a great sense of humor and fun. But you might not be aware that the beautiful summer house on the lake is owned by his parents. Realitytitbit revealed that his mom, Carole, is loaded and “owns the billion-dollar family fast food chain Zaxby’s.”  Apparently, the chain is worth billions, so Parker’s not shy of a penny in his pocket.

Buckhead Shore Crossover With Parker Lipman

So far, the show seemed well-received, as the main complaint on Twitter seems to be that fans want 90-minute episodes. Meanwhile, others liked that cast member Adamo Giraldo came out despite struggling with telling his mom the news. Additionally, fans really seem to like Parker’s mom Carole because she seems easy to be around and brings some laughs to the show.

In the comments on Parker’s Twitter, one person asked if the Buckhead Shore star had ever been on Chrisley knows Best.

Why Is Buckhead Shore Star Parker Such A Familiar Face
Jennifer Bright – Parker Lipman / Twitter

No answer arrived yet, but yes, that’s where the familiar face crosses over. If you watch the USA Network show, you’ll have seen Chase hanging out with his friend.

Chrisley Knows Best – Chase & Parker

You have to scroll quite far down in the Buckhead Shore star’s Instagram to find any reference to Chase Chrisley. But, back in 2017, he shared a post about Season 5 of the USA Network show. Those fans who remember them getting up to all sorts of amusing antics wondered by they don’t seem to be friendly anymore.

If you watch Chrisley Knows Best and Buckhead Shore, did you recognize Parker as Chase’s old friend straight away? Shout out in the comments below.

Be sure to check back here for everything happening with Chrisley Knows Best and MTV’s Buckhead Shore.  Come here often for more Reality TV spoilers, news, and updates.

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