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DWTS: Carrie Ann Idaba Talks about Her Social Media Break 

DWTS: Carrie Ann Idaba Talks about Her Social Media Break Carrie Ann has always talked about looking out for her total wellness of herself. Hence, the reason for her recent time off the social media world. Carrie expects to be on the judges’ panel when the new season of Dancing With The Stars starts in September.

Carrie Ann Speaks On Her Social Media Break

After her many years in broadcasting, Carrie has never toyed with the chance to have some time off. It is the main thing she harped on in her latest social media post.

The celebrity judge spoke about the need for her fans to go on breaks in a post on Facebook. She revealed that her break from social media enabled her to rediscover herself and become a better person. At 54 years, she said that letting go of some habits was important for her health.

All this she said came from taking breaks when needed. She further went on to speak about her resignation from her role at The Talk show. For her, it was the best choice as her personal health was the most important thing.

In the last part of her post, she reached out to people living with health challenges. She encouraged them by saying it was never late to start making changes in their lifestyle. In ending her post, she made a teasing remark about the return of DWTS for Season 31.

DWTS: Carrie Ann Idaba Talks about Her Social Media Break

Carrie Ann Looks Good In A Bikini

Taking time off during the summer has definitely been a good thing for Carrie Ann. A recent photo she shared on Instagram shows her having fun in the pool. She was dressed in a pink bikini and relaxed on a water bed.

DWTS fans will be looking forward to seeing her when season 31 premieres on the 19th of September.

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