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LPBW: Should Amy Roloff Address The Passing Of Her Father-In-Law?

LPBW: Should Amy Roloff Address The Passing Of Her Father-In-Law?Little People Big World (LPBW) fans heard the heartbreaking news that Matt Roloff’s dad, Ron passed away but Amy Roloff seems quiet about it. So, some folks think that she should speak out on social media about it. After all, she revealed a lot of her feelings when her mom died. Well, is it necessary to share everything on social media? Some fans seem to think so.

LPBW Stars Pay Tribute To Ron, But Amy Roloff Is Quiet?

TLC fans are well aware that Amy and Matt divorced and she moved on with Chris Marek. These days, she seems happily married after her fairytale wedding. However, there’s residual resentment against Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler that still surfaces now and then.

But, would she be small-minded enough not to address the loss of Matt’s dad with her ex? Certainly, it seems unlikely. After all, the mom of four and grandma to seven kids is all about her family. So, not unexpectedly, fans waited for her to say something on Instagram.

LPBW fans know that Amy loves being in her kitchen. Sometimes, her husband, Chris joins her there.  Additionally, she seems happiest when the grandkids join her. And on the day that the news arrived about Ron, she posted up herself in the kitchen, not mentioning Ron, unlike the kids.

LPBW Fans Think Amy Should Address Ron’s Passing On Social Media

When Audrey, Tori, Jacob, and Isabel Roloff posted up in their stories about grandpa Ron, it came after Matt Roloff described the passing of his dad. Clearly, he feels very sad, but he got the chance to say goodbye to him. Additionally, he’s there for his mom, Peggy, a.k.a Huny. Some of Ron’s grandkids rushed to say their last goodbye’s as well.

LPBW Should Amy Roloff Address The Passing Of Her Father-In-Law
Amy Roloff / Instagram – Tori- Matt – Instagram

Nobody knows if LPBW star, Amy also went to comfort her ex-mother-in-law. Or, if she reached out to Matt. And yet, because she remains silent on social media, some people presume that she snubs the grandfather of her own children. Actually, that would imply that she also snubs her own kids who grieve, which seems unlikely.

More To Life Than Social Media

Many LPBW fans seem way too young to remember that life once carried on just fine without social media. So, not everyone in the world wears their hearts on their sleeves for all the world to see. Some TLC fans demolished critics who questioned Amy about Matt’s dad on Tuesday. One defender commented, “it’s common sense that it would be done in Private!”

Another fan noted, “she can do that Privately! Everything doesn’t have to be over social media!”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that not everything needs to be on social media? And, Amy can surely use some privacy as someone near and dear for many years has passed. Everyone responds to grief in their own way, after all. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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