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My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Say Whitney Way Thore’s Show is Bogus

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Say Whitney Way Thore's Show is BogusMy Big Fat Fabulous Life star, Whitney Way Thore, has been of help to the plus-size community. People from all walks have felt more comfortable and confident after watching Whitney. The MBFFL has been such an inspiration to many people.

That said, fans are now beginning to believe that some parts of the show may not be genuine. Many fans are now starting to doubt Whitney’s credibility.

Whitney Way Thore Has Been An Inspiring Person

From the time the show started, Whitney was comfortable with her body. She was already a YouTube influencer, and TLC wanted to share her story.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life was all about Whitney: her friends, her relationship [, and everything revolving around her journey. This also included her struggles with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which affected her fertility.

Unfortunately, her relationship with the opposite sex was never a success. Her boyfriend, Lennie Alehat, left her at the end of Season 3. He was unfaithful, and Whitney had to let go of the relationship. She fell in love with another man named Chase afterward.

The two of them got engaged but didn’t live together. After a while, Whiney discovered that Chase had fathered a child with another woman. She had to separate from him too. During this period of her life, the only love she could count on was that of her family and friends.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Fans Say Whitney Way Thore's Show is Bogus

Is The Show Real Or Fake?

Honestly, most of the reality shows in this era are scripted. Most of them are staged for emotional purposes and also to gain traction. Notwithstanding, Whitney has done her best to stay authentic.

Now, many fans are sharing their opinions on Reddit. Most of them feel that the show is fake, and they can sense that Whitney is unaware of it. She doesn’t know that the show is staged, but she does it for the sake of the spotlight.

What do you guys think? Is Whitney aware of the whole staged performance? Sound off in the comment section below.

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