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LPBW: Fans Get Upset With Jacob and Isabel Roloff Over Their Recent Behavior

LPBW: Fans Get Upset With Jacob & Isabel Roloff Over Their Recent BehaviorJacob and his wife Isabel Roloff have entered the bad books of some fans in the LPBW subreddit. If you recall, Isabel has also been on the hot seat for some days.

After attending Audrey’s offensive party, she told her Instagram fans to stop fat-shaming her. She also admitted that she used filters to fake her freckles. Her husband, Jacob, is now on the hot seat over his latest tweet.

Are Jacob Roloff And His Wife Hypocrites?

On his Twitter page, Jacob drew attention to his net worth. According to him, he recently noticed that some people have begun to Google his net worth. He pointed out that “apparently I have $700,000 somewhere I’m just working for vibes.”

One hour later, after this tweet, it resurfaced on Reddit. LPBW fans on Reddit were surprised that he would care about what people would say after claiming he didn’t care at all. The OP of the thread suspected that Jacob and Isabel were lurking on that subreddit.

From the user’s findings, Jacob was responding to another user talking about his net worth within the week.

LPBW: Fans Get Upset With Jacob and Isabel Roloff Over Their Recent Behavior

Isabel Roloff Gets Trolled

Before this incident, Isabel Roloff poured her heart to her fans on Instagram. She was surprised that fat-shaming was still a thing in 2022. LPBW fans on Reddit agreed that she was getting information from the subreddit.

Fans are criticizing both husband and wife for their pretense. They always claimed that they wanted nothing to do with the show. But they were constantly responding to posts made by fans on Reddit.

LPBW fans on Reddit have agreed that the site claiming that his net worth was $700,000 was untrue. They also decided that he wouldn’t be living on his father’s property with his family if he had that money.

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