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Is Jill Dillard Casting Aside Jim Bob’s Teachings With Her Latest Purchase?

Is Jill Dillard Casting Aside Jim Bob's Teachings With Her Latest Purchase?It does seem that Jill Dillard is ditching Jim Bob’s lessons on frugal spending. In a social media post, the Duggar girl revealed how big she spent on buying an item.

Fans are wondering how that will go down with her father, Jim Bob, who was big on spending frugally.

Jim Bob Duggar Is All For Economical Spending

Ardent followers of the Duggars will know that they are frugal money spenders. In their reality series, Counting On and 19 Kids And Counting, they went on many thrift shopping trips.

Jim Bob and Michelle were all about buying used products and saving big with the difference. Well, it does seem that Jill Dillard is ditching the frugal lifestyle.

She now spends money on what she feels like getting, even if it is expensive. In a recent Instagram post, she showed fans what she spent big money on buying.

Jill Reveals What Frederick Is Up To On Instagram

On Wednesday, July 27th, Jill shared an update on Instagram on her third son, Frederick. In the photo, she is carrying Frederick in a baby wrap.

She added pictures of Israel and Samuel, her two older sons, seven and five years respectively. She revealed they both help her out with taking care of their younger brother, Baby Freddy.

Is Jill Dillard Casting Aside Jim Bob's Teachings With Her Latest Purchase?

Jill Reveals What She Spent Her Money On

In one of the photos, Israel and Samuel are standing next to a Snoo bassinet housing Frederick. Jill said she fell in love with the Snoo bassinet and had to get it for Frederick. The bassinet costs $1700.

One fan commented that her $1700 expense was like a dig at Jim Bob’s lessons on buying used items.

However, it’s possible that Jill and her husband, Derrick, are renting it on a monthly payment of $159. Whichever way you look at it, the Dillards are not following Jim Bob’s frugal steps.

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