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Audrey Roloff Reveals Why Jeremy Hasn’t Been Active On Instagram

Audrey Roloff Reveals Why Jeremy Hasn't Been Active On InstagramIt hasn’t gone unnoticed that former Little People, Big World star, Jeremy Roloff, hasn’t been active on social media. According to his wife, Audrey, he is currently locked out of his Instagram account. She even asked fans of LPBW to help out.

Audrey Opens Up On Jeremy’s Problem With His Social Media Handle

The first time news of Jeremy’s inability to log in to his Instagram account came to the fore was on Monday. Audrey broke the news to her followers on Instagram, saying her husband couldn’t access his account in the last two weeks.

She asked fans to help out by setting up a question box for them to send in their ideas. Audrey hasn’t made public any suggestions sent by fans, as the conversations are private.

Jeremy Shares A Post Using Another Instagram Account

It is obvious to see that Jeremy can’t gain access to his personal Instagram account. This past week when Audrey celebrated her 31st birthday, he sent her birthday wishes from his business page on Instagram.

Why use his business page rather than his personal account? Well, he was denied access as the birthday wishes were posted the day after. At the time, LPBW fans overlooked it. But now, the reason for the late post just got clearer.

Audrey Roloff Reveals Why Jeremy Hasn't Been Active On Instagram

Why Is Jeremy Roloff Unable To Access His Account?

The exact reasons why Jeremy Roloff can’t log in to his Instagram account are not known. Asides from letting fans know of his predicament, Audrey didn’t go into the details.

Also, she hasn’t shared fans’ suggestions on how he could regain access. So, we just have to wait to find out if he eventually gets back in. Jill Duggar was unable to gain access to her Instagram account recently. However, she regained entry this past week. 

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