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Jazz Jennings Is Furious That Her Book I Am Jazz Is Being Pulled

Jazz Jennings Is Furious That Her Book I Am Jazz Is Being PulledI Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings has met with more setbacks in the sale of her book. Over the years, she and her family fought hard to get it accepted. Aimed at kids with identity issues, they hoped to help kids make their own gender decisions. Of course, these days, it’s more acceptable than it was six years ago. Nevertheless, problems come once again as some states and counties pull it off the shelf.

I Am Jazz – Book ByJazz Jennings Being Pulled

Jennings took to her Instagram this week to rage about her kid’s book being pulled. If you don’t know, TLC followed the story of the young boy who became a girl. In fact, by the age of five, the transition process began for her Trans journey. In the last couple of years, she underwent bottom surgery. Interested fans followed her difficult journey to recovery. However, with a very supportive family, she does well.

The I Am Jazz star is not alone with changes in the way society thinks these days. While her book met with a controversial reaction in 2016, others faced similar problems. Even longstanding favorite books for kids got pulled. Among them, were some Dr. Seuss for racially sensitive content. And, many others simply had extremely racist titles that nobody would dare repeat these days. 

I Am Jazz Star Denies Her Book Brainwashes Kids

Recently, Florida’s Polk County examined books in libraries and schools. One of them, written by Jennings was thought to be violating state statutes. The Ledger reported that sixteen books “are age inappropriate and hypersexualize children.”  And, that is not the only county in the country. So, Jennings took to her Instagram on July 26 and vented.

Jazz Jennings Is Furious That Her Book I Am Jazz Is Being Pulled
Jazz Jennings / Instagram

In her rant, the I Am Jazz star pointed out how early in life she knew which gender she identified with. So, after many years, right through school, high school, and university, she stuck to her choices. Fully adult and mature now, she naturally feels angry. In her post, she said, “Legislators ban the book out of fear that it will “recruit” or “brainwash” kids into being LGBTQ+.”  Angrily, she denied it.

No Brainwashing

The I Am Jazz star argued that her book helps families and friends as well the kids who wish to make the transition. So, she feels that it’s wrong to ban it. In fact, she clearly feels that pulling the book is an act that denies “LGBTQ+” people belong in society.

One follower proudly stated, “We have your awesome book at the preschool where I teach! It’s displayed and available to read anytime! ❤️.”

What are your thoughts on it? Sound off in the comments below.

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