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Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem 3 Predictions: Megan Keeps Bo Hostage

 Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem 3 Predictions: Megan Keeps Bo HostageDays of Our Lives: Beyond Salem 3 has not been officially announced yet, but we know another one has to be coming and hopefully it is before the summer of 2023 because, after a cliffhanger like that, fans just cannot wait a year to see what happens next.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope Searches For Bo

Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) has to know that Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) was going after those three prisms for a reason that had nothing to do with Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo), a man Hope shot in anguish back in 2016, the year the entire world in Salem and beyond was turned upside down and all around.

Those prisms have the secret to curing brain tumors, the thing that took Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) from Hope just a day after she had gotten him back. Bo really did die in Hope’s arms in the same spot where they had kissed in the park for the first time in 1983, but somehow Megan got a hold of his body and put it on ice for just the right amount of time. How ironic for someone who was thought to be killed via electrocution in a hot tub.

Perhaps Hope is now in search of Bo, traveling beyond Salem and across the world to see if she can finally have the love of her life back where he belongs — in her arms but alive this time.

Megan Won’t Let Bo Go

We saw Bo Brady open his eyes in the cryogenic chamber and it’s a pretty good bet that Megan is not about to let Bo go, especially after she waited since high school to finally have him again. That’s a good 45 years or so. And what if Bo doesn’t even remember his life past high school and thinks he has been with Megan his entire life. We all know DiMera’s know how to plant ideas in minds.

 Days of Our Lives Beyond Salem 3 Predictions: Megan Keeps Bo Hostage

If Dr. Rolf’s serum is involved, Bo can become as confused as Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) was when she thought she was Renee Dumonde. In Salem and beyond, anything can happen, so why wouldn’t Bo Brady want to take a trip back in time. In the end, we know Bo and Hope will be reunited because endgame is endgame. But just the idea that Bo Brady is alive again is good enough for us right now. Look for another Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem to see how Bo’s future turns out.

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