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Seeking Sister Wife: Dannielle Merrifield Might Play Garrick For A Sucker

Seeking Sister Wife: Dannielle Merrifield Might Play Garrick For A SuckerSeeking Sister Wife spoilers revealed that Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield talked with Lea about her visa. However, she seems to delay completing all the paperwork for her visa. Actually, right from the very beginning, hardly any TLC fans thought that she was really into Garrick. Meanwhile, Dannielle often smiles in what might be an anxiety reaction, but perhaps she nurses some secret objective and will end up playing her man for a sucker.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers & Theories On Dannielle Merrifield

While Garrick seems universally despised by TLC fans, some theories arise about Dannielle. After all, she seems to be her own worst enemy. Claiming that she supports her husband’s desire for polygamy, she acts desperately unhappy all the time. Of course, that might be because she regrets agreeing to divorce and having to deal with other women in her place. But, theories emerged that she sabotaged Roberta by plotting to bring in Lea.

Seeking Sister Wife fans know that Garrick wants more wives because of his religious convictions. However, Lea seems completely uninterested in that aspect of their lives. Actually, fans agree that she seems underwhelmed about Garrick as well. So, many people agree that perhaps she really doesn’t want to uproot her working life as a nurse and become Garrick’s stay-at-home slave.

Seeking Sister Wife: Theory – Danielle Ends Up With House Profits

In early July, The Sun reported that Garrick purchased land in Buena Vista, Colorado. Just under two years ago, he added Danielle’s name to the deed and they started building already. With that in mind, a theory arose when TLC dropped a teaser on July 24. In the teaser, Garrick complained because Lea still hasn’t sent in all the details she needs to “prove her identity” as part of the visa process.

Seeking Sister Wife Dannielle Merrifield Might Play Garrick For A Sucker
TLC / Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife fan, Tami Buck suggested, “Roberta is playing y’all! She is going to file for divorce and get half of [the] new house!” Well, that is an angle that fans hadn’t thought of. So, a reply read, “haha I never thought of that! 😂😂” Actually, it seems a bit surprising that Dannielle Merrifield was placed on the deed as they already divorced on February 20, 2020. Actually, the deed addition came months after their divorce happened.

Will Danielle Leave and Sue For Part Ownership Of The Home?

Seeking Sister Wife fans think that there’s definitely something off about Garrick’s first wife. While she seems to go along with everything he wants, she also seems secretive. Not as in keeping secrets, but as holding something inside that might emerge as revenge later.

What do you think? Could Dannielle end up playing Garrick Merrifield for a sucker? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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