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Little People Big World Spoilers: Did Matt Roloff Mislead His Children?

Little People Big World Spoilers: Did Matt Roloff Mislead His ChildrenLittle People Big World fans didn’t see Matt Rolof in a good light when the new season started. He and his son, Zach, argued throughout. And unfortunately, the season ended without both parties making peace. 

At the end of Season 23, Matt Roloff felt guilty about his actions, and many fans can attest to that. Keep reading to get the whole story. 

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Matt Owns Up To The Truth

At the end of the episode, viewers saw Matt Roloff heading up to the property entrance to place the “for sale” sign. A piece of sad music was played in this scene, which was a bittersweet moment for the fans and Matt.

None of his family members came around to support him that day. It was a difficult decision; sadly, he had to do it alone. The truth was that Matt wasn’t getting younger anymore. He couldn’t give his full attention to his property anymore. 

He wasn’t left with many options. He tried to sell the property to Jeremy and Zach, but it didn’t work out. During a tell-all interview, fans saw that Matt’s decision was taking a toll on him. He felt guilty and realized why his family didn’t support this move. 

Little People Big World Spoilers: Did Matt Roloff Mislead His Children

Matt fessed that his biggest regret was making his children see Roloff farms as his legacy. He always knew he would sell the land to a total stranger one day. He shouldn’t have deceived his children.

Matt Is Still Hopeful

During a conversation, Matt tells Amy that he still has 93 acres left for the family. In response, Amy corrected Matt saying that those 100 acres belonged to him alone. Now, Matt is raising his hopes that the rest of them will stay within the family.

On another note, Isabel and Jacob have spent more time on the property. Many fans wonder if Matt might share some of the properties with Jacob, Isabel, and Mateo, their son. Overall, do you guys agree that Matt deceived his Children? Could you share your thoughts with us?

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