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Little People Big World Season 23 Makes TLC Fans Feel Stressed

Little People Big World Season 23 Makes TLC Fans Feel StressedLittle People Big World Season (LPBW) 23 finally wraps up yet another toxic season with Amy and Matt Roloff clashing over the farm. Additionally, a lot of old animosities spilled out. It’s not just the toxicity between the former couple that stresses out fans, it’s the entire nature of the TLC show. Caution: This article contains spoilers about the finale.

Little People Big World Season 23 Drama About The Farm

For several seasons, fans saw that Amy and Matt clashed repeatedly over the farm. Recall, that he wanted to buy out her portion and seemed to badger her. Anyway, she dragged her feet, but it finally went through and she left for a new place in town. Still, TLC managed to make nearly an entire season about her hoarding and taking forever to move her belongings out of the old house.

After Amy married Chris Marek, Little People Big World fans hoped that finally, some happier scenes might arrive. But, back in October, they got the first inkling that something changed. That came when Tori announced that she and Zach had moved to Washington. Of course, fans now know all about the massive drama between Matt and Zach when he wouldn’t sell a portion of the farm to him.

Is The Little People Big World Storyline Worth Stressing About?

Matt Roloff seems to have a lot of say about what and how the show films. Was it his idea to put out so much toxic negativity on the show? This season, many people slam him for selling a portion of the farm. And yet, it’s nothing new. An old season revealed Zach and Tori discussing the possible sale a long time ago. And yet, Season 23 constantly makes a massive trainwreck about the big not-a-surprise.

Little People Big World Season 23 Makes TLC Fans Feel Stressed
“‘I’ve talked a lot about my mistakes. Have you talked about your mistakes?’ – TLC / Instagram

Little People Big World fans saw that in the comments of one of his posts, Matt told someone that they watch “too much TV.”  What did he mean by that, other than hinting that a lot of it is all scripted? With Tori and Zach at odds with their dad, and Amy and Matt still toxic, Caryn Chandler seems to add to the ugly tension. But, is the drama actually worth getting stressed out if it’s not a real situation?

Fans Get Stressed From Toxic Seasons?

Little People Big World fans really do get caught up in all the drama. And, some of them struggle with the stress of it all. When they saw the teaser for the finale on Instagram, one of them admitted to some anxiety.

They wrote, “This is whole situation personal to everyone who’s been watching since 2006. It’s like some stuff I can see Matt on, some I can see Amy on, some I can see the boys side on. It’s just all sad. I feel stressed out

Other fans agreed, but they seemed to manage to at least keep the idea of some scripting in mind.

What are your thoughts? Did Season 23 stress you out? Shout out in the comments below.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with LPBW right now. Come back here often for Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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  2. […] Little People Big World Season 23 Makes TLC Fans Feel Stressed […]

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