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Unexpected Alum Hailey Tomlinson Accused of Cheating On Darren?

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tomlinson Accused of Cheating On DarrenUnexpected om TLC brought the news of a lot of breakups between the cast and Hailey Thomlison was among them. Recall, she dated her baby daddy, Matthew Blevins. However, he took off and she started dating a nice guy named Darren. However, he seems to have accused her of cheating on him.

Unexpected Alums Matthew Blevins Cheated On Hailey Tomlinson

Season 3 of the TLC show brought a lot of drama. Quickly, Matthew became the villain of the series. Probably, you recall that Hailey tried to look brave at the Tell-All after he split from her and cheated with her friend, Hailey Tilford. At the time, she just welcomed her daughter Kinsley. Anyway, Matthew impregnated his new girl. And, that didn’t last either as she moved on with other men.

Hailey Tilford didn’t appear with Matthew in Season 4, and fans saw that Hailey Tomlinson apparently shared custody with him. However, it’s not clear how much of a dad role he plays to Kinsley. Meanwhile, Kinsley’s mom went back and continued her studies. There, she met Darren, who seemed like a nice young man. In fact, he was there with her at her graduation. However, they broke up amidst big hints that she cheated on him.

Unexpected Hints That Darren Intilaiated The Split From Hailey

On his Instagram, Darren hinted at cheating when he wrote, “Unfortunately to clear the air yes we are no longer together because of unspeakable actions that are not on my side of the relationship.”  Well, when Hailey talked about not cheating, fans assumed that he felt she was unfaithful.

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tomlinson Accused of Cheating On Darren
tlc.unexpectedteaa / Instagram

Unexpected fans felt pleased that at least Darren added, “will still be there for Kinsley, me and her still talk, and I am still [her] dad.” Poor little Kinsley seems rather unfortunate when it comes to father figures in her life. As one critic noted, “When she gets a new man he’ll play dad and Darren won’t be around.”

Fans Wonder If Hailey Really Cheated

Some Unexpected fans weren’t inclined to assume that Hailey Tomlinson cheated on Darren. One of them pointed out that “unspeakable actions” could mean almost anything. Meanwhile, another one pondered the fact that he’s dead against drug usage. Perhaps she slipped up in that area?

Of course, it came to mind that she perhaps went back and renewed something with Matthew Blevins. After all, she did take him back into her life briefly after he split from Hailey Tilford. Actually, it didn’t seem to last very long. Nevertheless, she obviously still had some feelings for him.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that Hailey cheated on Darren? Or, does an “unspeakable” action lead you to conclude something else went down? Sound off in the comments below.

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