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Did Sister Wives Janelle Brown Divorce Kody Too?

Did Sister Wives Janelle Brown Divorce Kody Too?Lots of rumors have been flying around recently in the Sister Wives universe. A few days ago, there was a rumor that Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn, privately divorced. Now, there are rumors that Kody and Janelle are also divorced.

What’s happening with the Browns? Is there any truth to the rumors flying around? Keep reading to find out.

Kody’s Marriage Is Dying

A lot of tension has been building up between Kody and his wives. The Covid-19 pandemic did not also help matters. Kody made his wives adhere to some strict protocols, and his wives didn’t like it. 

Kody’s behavior was one of the reasons why Christine had to leave the family. From then on, many fans began to hope that the rest of the wives would follow suit.

Kody’s Divorce With Robyn

It’s not easy to keep a plural family together, and the Browns are proof of that. That said, Kody seems to favor Robyn more than the other wives. So, did they divorce?

Judging from the Sister Wives wiki reports, Robyn and Kody are now divorced. However, Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball begs to differ. Katey could not verify these claims because there was no public record of Robyn and Kody’s divorce.

As long as she is still the legal wife, there would have been some form of documentation if they divorced. So, what about Kody and Janelle? Are the allegations true?

Did Sister Wives Janelle Brown Divorce Kody Too?

Janelle And Kody’s Divorce May Be Difficult To Confirm

Fans on Reddit recently confirmed that Janelle’s wiki page also now says that she’s divorced from Kody Brown. Janelle was not legally married to Kody. Hence, she could decide to leave, and nobody would stop her. That was what Christine did.

There won’t be any legal document to verify the split, so it’s pretty tricky to know if they divorced. Lately, fans have noticed that Janelle spends more time with her kids than ever. She seems to be spending less time with her husband, Kody.

So, do you guys think they’ve split up? Or is a fan messing around with the wiki pages? Be sure to leave your comments below.

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