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Days Of Our Lives Beyond Salem Spoilers: Bo’s Good News, Returns To Earth To Save Family?

Days Of Our Lives Beyond Salem Spoilers: Bo’s Good News, Returns To Earth To Save Family?Days Of Our Lives Beyond Salem spoilers and rumors tease that Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) gets good news from Angela (Loretta Devine) soon. Will he return to earth just in time to save his family and again stop the bomb prism’s explosion?

Beyond Salem Spoilers: Bo Brady Has Been Watching Heaven To Earth Livestreams, And He’s Frustrated

Bo has been keeping an eye on Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) and everything going on with her and he’s been worried. He’s also watching Ben, Ciara, and Baby Bo Weston (Robert Scott Wilson, Victoria Konefal, Cody and Warren Krasnow) and he is very upset that Hope’s fallen for a scammer. He has been arguing with Angela that he needs to return to earth to save his family and he’s worried Hope will be killed!

Bo and Angela argue, she told him they cannot control what happens on earth, and he is under heavenly probation. He’s been told that he broke the rules by resurrecting Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) when he went to earth the last time and he cannot be allowed to do so again.

BSA Spoilers: Bo Brady Denied A Meeting With “The Big Guy”

Bo is so worried about his family down on earth and his inability to intervene from heaven he even requested a meeting with “the big guy”. He was denied a meeting with God Almighty or at least that is what Angela told him; he asked why, she claimed He was too busy with more important crises. Finally Angela conceded that the Brady and Weston family is in danger on earth from Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) and she told Bo she would see what she could do.

In the meantime, Bo will continue to watch the heaven to earth livestream when he can get it to work, and fuss and fume and worry. No one would be surprised if he begins doubting he’s really in heaven and not some in-between place – things aren’t supposed to be in disarray and not working there.

Beyond Salem Spoilers: Arbitration With A Judge?

Angela returned, and said that while she couldn’t get Bo a direct meeting with God, he was to go to arbitration with a judge. He went downstairs into a dark room with a barrel, flames coming from the barrel; it turns out the judge is Larry Welch (Andrew Masett).Larry was former District Attorney in Salem, having been killed in a car accident; he was also married to Hope during the original search for the three prisms.

Bo doesn’t have real positive feelings that this judge will rule in his favor; he will have a hard job ahead convincing him Hope’s life is in danger. Larry confirms to Bo that he’s been sent down to purgatory and he hears Bo’s not doing too well in heaven, and he pulls out his personnel file.

Days Of Our Lives Beyond Salem Spoilers: Bo’s Good News, Returns To Earth To Save Family?

BSA Spoilers: Their Love Transcends Life, Time, And Death

Bo tells Judge Larry that his and Hope’s love transcends life, time, and death and tries to convince him he’s the only one who can save his life. Meanwhile, Hope, Ciara, and the baby are in the garden where Hope is to marry Harris, and confirms she’s looking for the prism; time is of the essence. Hope tries to get Ben, Ciara and Baby Bo back on their journey on “Living In Cin”; Bo begs Judge Larry to let him go to earth if he ever loved Hope! Larry will take it under consideration, as Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson) orders Thomas Banks (Eileen Davidson) to kill Hope and he readies himself at his sniper’s perch. Hope appears in her wedding dress, appearing to have a fake prism in her cleavage; will Angela get Larry’s verdict in time?

Beyond Salem Spoilers: Bo Brady’s Good News And Bad News – Can He Resurrect Hope Brady?

Angela tells Bo Judge Larry gave him a second chance, and he’s on the way to save his family as soon as he got the news. There is good news and bad news as he sees from heaven he’s too late to save her life and she’s already married Harris. But his daughter, grandson and son-in-law are still there alive; and there’s still a third prism out there, one that’s really a bomb!

Bo doesn’t care that his second chance ticket doesn’t allow him to resurrect, Judge Larry having convicted him of playing God. He’s going to resurrect Hope, that is without saying and together they’ll search for the prism; will the good news be that they’ve saved the world and he gets to live? 

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