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Mama June Reveals More Details On Her Past Relationship With Geno

Mama June Reveals More Details On Her Past Relationship With GenoMama June Shannon hopped on TikTok to share her deepest secret with her fans. At one point, she was ranting about her ex, Geno Doak. She was talking about their relationship and also her current relationship with him.

How It All Started

Mama June was not in a happy mood when she left her longtime partner, Sugar Bear. their separation led to the cancellation of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show. Instead of feeling depressed about the whole situation, Mama June took advantage of the entire situation. 

She transformed herself with a head-to-toe full-body makeover. This transformation led to a spinoff of the show. It documented Mama June’sJune’s journey of self-discovery and how she met a new man, Geno Doak. 

Geno Doak was the contractor who was working on her home at that time. Although he had a dirty past, they were still willing to build a future together. Playing a father role, he was present for June’sJune’s daughter, Pumpkin’sPumpkin’s wedding with Josh Efird in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, the hopes of Mama June building a future with Geno Doak started to crumble when the duo began abusing substances. The couple sent up to a million dollars to buy drugs in one year.

Eventually, they got arrested. June entered rehab, and her youngest daughter, Alana’ Alana’ Honey Boo Boo’‘, had to stay with Pumpkin for the main time. Although she and Geno tried to get back together, it didn’t work out,

In the newest season of Road to Redemption, June exposed Geno’sGeno’s true character. She revealed that Geno would get drunk and become very controlling. 

She didn’t want to break up with him privately due to his ”unpredictable” behavior, so she decided to do it in court. From how it looks Geno is finally out of Mama June’sJune’s life. Or is he?

Mama June Reveals More Details On Her Past Relationship With Geno

June Rants About Geno

On her TikTok, Mama June just started ranting about her past relationship. From Sugar Bear to Geno Doak, no stone was left unturned. Concerning Geno, she revealed that her girls are still in contact with him. 

June revealed that Geno abused her. She wasn’t happy that her daughters were still talking with him, but she just had to let it go. She claims she had made attempts to reach out to her daughters but all to no avail.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t show this to her fans because she was doing a TikTok live then. Her husband, Justin Stroud, could be heard in the background trying to calm her down. However, June wanted to let the pain out.  

Do you think the girls are wrong for still talking to Geno? Lets us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to watch the latest episodes of Mama June: Road To Redemption on Fridays on WeTV.

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