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Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Is Sterilized – TLC Fans React

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Is Sterilized – TLC Fans ReactUnexpected alum, McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison produced two kids between them: Timmy and Gracelynn. Since then, she suffered a miscarriage but inherited another kid when she married Ethan. Now, she decided enough is enough and chose sterilization.

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Announced Her Intentions

It’s not clear whether the Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) decision helped the former TLC star come to a decision to opt for sterilization. However, it could be due to the fact that she’s very active on her Only Frans account now. Additionally, she’s kept busy raising three kids and she does a lot of Q&A sessions on her chosen career.

Unexpected fans heard about getting her tubes removed when McKayla Adkins carried out one of her Q&A sessions earlier this week. Whilst discussing the requirements of a pleasurable bed session, she dropped her intentions. In reply to a question, she said, “I’m getting my tubes removed Thursday.”

Unexpected Fans React To Sterilization

When McKayla Adkins had her tubes removed, she posted up about it. In her Instagram Stories, she captioned it by saying, “Sterilized.” Then she added, “Anesthesia has me exhausted.” When u/ionlyjoined4thecats shared the screenshot on the r/TLCUnexpected Subreddit, fans discussed her choice. If you don’t know, doctors will do the surgery on young women, especially if they already have kids. Often, it’s done if someone is at risk of ovarian cancer. 

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Is Sterilized - TLC Fans React
McKayla Adkins – Instagram via u/ionlyjoined4thecats
/ TLCUnexpected – Reddit

According to information about the differences between tubes being tied or removed, both procedures might be reversible, although not all that easy. The Unexpected star might, therefore, have not taken the decision for lifelong sterilization. Most people who commented on her choice really admired her for taking the step.

The Best Decision?

Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins seems to have made a good decision, according to the opinions of many Redditors. One of them said, “Personally if I was younger and straight I wouldn’t leave it up to my partner and trust they do it.” They added, “I’d rather do it myself and know I’m protecting myself.”

Another follower opined, “Best decision she’s made. Smart with the state of our country right now too. Good for her. I hope she inspires others but even this surgery is not easy to obtain (at least in some states) as it’s considered elective.”

Meanwhile, another common comment was, “That’s one smart decision. Good for her.”

What are your thoughts about McKayla opting for sterilization? Do you think it’s a great decision? Or, do you think her husband should have done it? Sound off in the comments below.

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