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Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: In Bed With Two Wives, Is this Too Much?

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: In Bed With Two Wives, Is this Too Much?Seeking Sister Wife spoilers reveal that fans of the show think that it is a lot for Nick to share his bed with more than two wives. In the newest episode of the show, he was in bed with April, Jennifer, and Danielle and this seems like a lot to handle for one man.

What Happened?

Nick wants all of these women in his marriage, but fans are very concerned about how many people should be in bed with him. Generally, in plural marriages, we have seen the wives sleep in different beds and rooms. The husband would then take turns sleeping with one each night. It doesn’t look as if this is how Nick wanted things to play out though.

April mentioned that if Nick wanted them all in the same bed, they would have to get a bigger bed because this hasn’t been well thought out at all. Looking at the way they were sleeping, there didn’t seem to be anyone comfortable. After seeing this episode, fans of the show took to social media to explain how weird this was.

Fan Reactions

We have seen a lot of weird stuff on Seeking Sister Wife, but this episode is one for the books. One fan pointed out that they thought the women were too big to be in the same bed with him and they noted that they weren’t sure if there is a bigger bed than a King size. More and more fans pointed out that it was just weird that Nick wants all of them in the same bed and pointed out that there is probably no size bed that is right for all of them.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: In Bed With Two Wives, Is this Too Much?

More fans added that in the other shows were have seen with plural marriages, it seems as if they are all in different beds and never really cozy up to one another the way Nick did. This seems like a weird situation, but we will have to see what happens next.

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