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90 Day Fiance Star Yve Arellano Postpones Wedding With Mohammed

90 Day Fiance Star Yve Arellano Postpones Wedding With Mohammed90 Day Fiance fans have noticed the tension developing between Yve Arellano and Mohammed Abdelhamed. Everything was going smoothly until Mohamed demanded that his children will be raised in the Muslim faith. 

Notwithstanding, the couple has still decided to go ahead with the wedding. However, things are not falling in place for them.

Mohammed’s True Intentions Revealed

Yve was discussing with her future husband the wedding venue in this latest episode. While driving with her fiancé, she mentioned that the wedding date may be shifted due to some problems with the venue. 

Mohammed, as many would expect, was quite uneasy given the fact he wants to live in the United States. 

Many fans have been confused and also wondered if  Mohamed is in the United States for love or the green card. In the past, he was called out by fans for not taking responsibility as a man and making Yve feel like a caretaker instead of a partner. 

Yve’s Venue Problems Receives Bad Remarks From Her Fiance

“Are you kidding me?” This was Mohammed’s reaction when he hear what Yve had to say. Yve explained to him that the venue she desired for her wedding didn’t come through. For this reason, the wedding had to be postponed for at least a month.

She explained to Mohammed med that the wedding venue was overbooked but he didn’t care about that. He argued that the wedding venue wasn’t important, to which Yve replied that it was for her. 

Yve wanted the wedding of her dreams and she wasn’t going to settle for less. Mohammed suggested a backyard wedding but Yve complained that it would ruin her dress. Mohammed wasn’t really happy with where this was going 

90 Day Fiance Star Yve Arellano Postpones Wedding With Mohammed

As it turns out, he wanted to start working as soon as possible. He explained to Yve that it would take up to 8 months before his application to work legally is approved. He also states that his mother is also counting on him and he won’t leave the States without a green card.

Mohammed Feels Yve Doesn’t Want To Get Married

According to the ‘Egyptian god,’ he feels sad that he won’t see his family for a while. He also told Yve that maybe she doesn’t want to get married. In response, she said that if he keeps acting up, she might have to think about it.

During the interview, Yve was holding back her tears. All she wanted was her perfect wedding. Unfortunately, all Mohamed cared about was getting his work permit. Many fans have seen through his game and hope that Yve doesn’t end up with him.

What do you feel about their marriage? Is Yve making a big mistake? Should Mohammed’s selfishness be ignored? Let us know in the comment section below.

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