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Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Dishes Intimate Advice

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Dishes Intimate AdviceUnexpected alum McKayla Adkins wasn’t all that popular with TLV fans when she appeared on the show with Caelan Morrison. Too often, they thought, she acted entitled and ungrateful. After all, he worked hard and soon arranged a place for them to stay.

While she spent money on tattoos, folks thought she’d be better off waiting for luxuries. Eventually, they split, and these days her popularity rises as she started revealing the intimate side of her life.

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Is Not Shy About OnlyFans

Still young, the former teen mom has two children. Timmy and Gracelynn, and she moved on with Ethan. Actually, many fans can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind how she earns her cash. If you don’t know, the TLC star is into boys and girls in the bedroom. Well, Ethan soon learned that she makes her own decisions.

Increasing spicey with her new career, the Unexpected star changed her appearance slightly. However, she seems to have changed inside in the eyes of fans as well. Lots of young people follow her and it seems that she becomes something of a guru in the area of intimacy. So this week, some of them felt brave enough to ask her about sex and the ultimate satisfactory size of a male partner.

Unexpected Fans Get Intimate Advice From McKayla

McKayla Adkins took to her Instagram Stories on July 5, saying that she felt “bored.” During a Q&A, she mentioned that she plans on getting her tubes removed this week. Clearly, she’s done with babies even though she suffered a miscarriage. Then, she answered a TLC fan who remains a  virgin.

They asked about “having sex for the first time.” The fan also mentioned fear and body size. So, the reality TV star suggested she need not ever “be scared.” Her advice included telling them to “go into it with confidence.” Additionally, she pointed out that not everyone goes for very skinny partners. However, she cautioned them to make certain that the person they choose to sleep with deserves the experience.

Unexpected Alum McKayla Adkins Dishes Intimate Advice
McKayla Adkins / Instagram Stories

Talking about the size of the partner, the Unexpected star told fans that she prefers “girth” to length.

Guys – Longer Or Fatter?

Possibly a lot of people were interested when Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins talked about the size of the required body part in guys. Often, hanging at the mall, you might hear boys talking about which is better. Well, for some folks like McKayla, too long can actually be painful.

At the end of the day, it seems that she becomes something of an expert in dishing advice to young fans who might not otherwise get their questions answered.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the TLC cast right now. Come back here often for more Unexpected spoilers, news, and updates.

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