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Is Anna Duggar Moving To Texas Just To Be Near Her Husband?

Is Anna Duggar Moving To Texas Just To Be Near Her Husband?Former TLC star, Josh Duggar was transferred to a federal prison in Texas for his crimes. Now his wife, Anna Duggar, seems to be spending a lot of time in that city. Judging from her recent photos, Anna might still be in Texas.

Josh Duggar’s Transfer

So, last week, Josh was transferred to the Federal Correctional Institute in Seagoville, Texas. Josh would be completing the rest of his 12-year prison sentence in Texas after he was held in Washington County jail in Arkansas for a while. His sentence was passed after he was found guilty of child pornography charges.

Now, the rest of Josh’s family lives in Arkansas. They might have to be traveling a lot if they want to see him. From the looks of it, it seems like they have someone in Texas. This could allow them to visit Josh more frequently and it looks like Anna is staying there at the moment.

Anna Duggar Is Doing Her Best To Be Close To Her Husband?

On Sunday, July 3, Anna took to Instagram to wish her sister, Priscilla Waller, a happy birthday. She shared a picture of them and many fans were excited to see It. This photo also raised a lot of questions in the heart of many fans.  This is because the birthday celebrant, Priscilla, lives in Texas.

Is Anna Duggar Moving To Texas Just To Be Near Her Husband?

Could this mean that Anna is staying in Texas with the hope of seeing her husband? According to reliable sources, Priscilla’s family lives in Big Sandy, Texas. Judging from Apple and Google Maps, or will take at least an hour-and-a-half drive to get to FCI Seagoville from Big Sandy.

A recent update came from Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball. According to her, Anna and Priscilla are currently in Fort Worth, Texas. She has been there for a long time and Katie is claiming that Anna is prioritizing her interest over her kids as Fort Worth is 53 miles from the F.C.I.

What do you guys think? Is she trying to be close to her husband? Or is she spending some time with her family in Texas? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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