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Is Welcome To Plathville Star Kim’s Dance Studio Another Fake Story?

Is Welcome To Plathville Star Kim's Dance Studio Another Fake Story?Welcome To Plathville seems rather scripted in the current season, so fans grow skeptical of Kim Plath. Her sudden desire to take back her life after buying into the seclusion of fundamentalism seems uncharacteristic. Apart from that, some fans even think that the drama between Olivia and Ethan is mostly scripted as well.  So, fans now wonder if Kim’s new dance studio is even real.

Welcome To Plathville- Kim Dumps Barry Plath For A New Life

Olivia took Ethan away from Cairo where he and his siblings grew up very isolated. In the first season, fans saw that she clashed with Kim who didn’t want any outside interference. At the time, the the kids were educated at home and had limited access to technology. Some of them hadn’t even heard of famous footballers. And, they couldn’t even drink soda.

Welcome To Plathville Season 2 showed that Kim and Barry moved into town. However, in the current season, TLC fans saw that when she packed her bags and dumped Barry, she went back to the farm. Apparently, she lost her mind and want her freedom. Perhaps she envies her daughter Moriah who left for Tampa with Ethan as well. Anyway, the show reveals that she’s all about her dance studio, living it up, and independence.

Welcome To Plathville Dance Studio Might Not Work – Is it Fake?

When fans first met Kim and Barry Plath, it seemed that she was a Naturopathic Doctor. Well, she also made music with the family. But allegedly, she never studied medicine of any kind. Katie Joy of WithoutA Crystal Ball spoke about it this weekend. In her post, Katie also talked about the so-called dance studio.

Is Welcome To Plathville Star Kim's Dance Studio Another Fake Story
Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

According to Katie Joy, the Welcome To Plathville star took down her website where she claimed to be a doctor. Well, it’s interesting to note that apparently sources tell Katie that the dance studio seems unused as well.  She wrote, “Locals in Cairo have reached out to WOACB and claim the dance studio is never open & only used for filming.”

Another Scripted Story?

Without A Crystal Ball noted that the Welcome To Plathville star “claims she’s a classically trained ballerina.” Well, that’s debatable, so Katie said, “While she may have a passion for dance, she’s most certainly not a prestigious dancer with any credits to her name.”

What are your thoughts about this? So you think it’s odd that local sources suggest the dance studio is only used when filming? If so, then maybe the rest of Kim Plath’s storyline is also faked this season. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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