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Jana Duggar Looks Great In Her Latest Photo

Jana Duggar Looks Great In Her Latest PhotoFormer star on Counting On, Jana Duggar is making her fans crave more with her latest photos. The daughter of Duggar showed off her lean legs in a new photo during the weekend while hanging out with her brother, James, and many of their friends. 

Keep reading to find out more about what happened over the weekend.

Jana Duggar Is Breaking Family Rules With Her Latest Photos

At this point, fans are beginning to sense that Jana is trying to move on from her strict parental upbringing. The Duggar daughters were not allowed to wear shorts or pants while growing up. 

The family always prioritized modest dressing and never wanted the girls to show too much skin. This was quite contrary to how Jana looked in this photo.

As her sisters got married and moved out of the house, they changed their wardrobes and started wearing shorts, pants, tank tops, and more. Many fans are beginning to assume that their husbands have a say in how they look once they leave the Duggar house.

Jana, 32, is not yet married and she’s still living with her parents. Yet, she has started wearing short dresses, jeans, and more.

Jana Duggar Gives Fans A Leggy Display

Jana appeared in a friend’s post on Instagram over the weekend. She and her brother, James, traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio for a wedding. 

It’s unclear if any member of the Duggar family was present. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were seen to be heading somewhere but we’re uncertain if it was for the wedding.

Jana Duggar Looks Great In Her Latest Photo

In this photo, Jana was seen flaunting her long legs. She wore a black flowy long-sleeved dress. Her calves were very visible and she complimented this dress with a pair of nude heels.

In the photo, we can also see her brother James. They were pictured together with Emily Ann Raynes and a guest at the wedding.

At the moment, Jana hasn’t posted any photos of herself at the wedding yet. But fans are glad to get a glimpse of this rare photo.

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