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Seeking Sister Wife: Fans Want To Know If Garrick Merrifield Has A Job

Seeking Sister Wife: Fans Want To Know If Garrick Merrifield Has A JobSeeking Sister Wife co-star Garrick Merrifield has kept many fans curious for a long time. A lot of his decisions on the show were highly questionable.  First, he claimed that God told him to go into polygamy as that was his calling. 

It was quite selfish because he never considered his wife while making this decision. He never cared how she felt. Now the couple has been traveling to Mexico a lot and they’re even building a new home. 

Many fans are wondering if Mr. Merrifield has a job. If he does, what does he do to earn money?

Meeting Garrick For The First Time

The Merrifields joined the show in the last season. According to Garrick, he had a call to have more than one wife so he talked to his wife Danielle about it. The couple has been married for over a decade and just like every relationship, they had their ups and downs.

This calling came as a shock to Danielle but she prayed about it. Eventually, she agreed that they should look for another wife. 

And so it was that they went online to a polygamous site. It took them time, but they found the right person. Her name was Roberta and she was from Brazil. The duo traveled to Mexico for a meetup and after two nights, Garrick proposed to Roberta. 

To ensure that she gets to America as quickly as possible, Danielle and Garrick got divorced. After that, they both went to Mexico for an extended vacation. In that way, Garrick would get to know more about Bert.

Unfortunately, Garrick and Bert got intimate on the first night. They never told Danielle about it and when the word got out, Danielle didn’t look bothered about it. A lot of things happened after that. The pandemic struck and Bert’s wedding was postponed because she caught the virus.

Seeking Sister Wife: Fans Want To Know If Garrick Merrifield Has A Job

How Was Garrick Able To Afford Everything?

Now, it’s been a year since Garrick and Bert have seen each other. Bert has received her visa but she’s still staying in Brazil. Meanwhile, Garrick and Danielle found Lea and decided that she was a good fit for the family. 

While arrangements were in place to welcome the third wife, Garrick is currently building a new house. Many fans are curious to know about his source of wealth but not much information has been given.

Well, reports from Starcasm have shown that Garrick has another source of income aside from his TLC salary. Garrick the president and founder of Merrifield Custom Builders, Inc. 

This company started in 2017 and their services include custom homes, landscaping, remodeling, and more. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding Mr. Garrick but do you feel that his job could afford him this kind of lifestyle? Kindly share your opinions in the comment section.

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