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Sister Wives: The Main Reason Why Janelle Focused On Her Career

Sister Wives: The Main Reason Why Janelle Focused On Her CareerJanelle had made her intentions clear right from the beginning of the show. She was carrier oriented and nobody could stop her from achieving her goals. Her fellow-sister-wife Christine was one of the persons who supported her dream. 

While Janelle was away from home, Christine did her best to take care of the children. Janelle wasn’t the only one who tried to be independent. Meri also worked outside the home. However, her drive could not be compared to Janelle’s. 

Is Janelle Trying To Distract Herself From The Household Chaos?

Many fans have wondered why Janelle strives to be financially stable compared to the other wives. Many threads on Reddit have not been lenient with the Brown family. And this does not exclude Janelle’s decision to make a living for herself.

Some fans of the show have claimed that Janelle was not a career-oriented woman. To them, she just uses “work” as a cover-up. She wanted to escape from the issues of the home. 

Sister Wives: The Main Reason Why Janelle Focused On Her Career

One user on Reddit claimed that “She made sure she left just early enough where Logan could make breakfast and came home late enough to make sure homework, dinner, and dishes were done and blamed it on needing to stay at work.”

Janelle is one of the likable characters in the Sister Wives show.  But this is not the first time that fans have called her out.  In another thread on Reddit, many fans questioned if Janelle was the real varlet of the family. 

So what do you guys think about Janelle? Do you think she has a hidden agenda as well? Please endeavor to leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Keep the discussion going and see what others are saying about this topic. For more updates, do well to subscribe to our newsletter.

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