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OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Shades Hazel Busby

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Shades Hazel BusbyOutDaughtered star Dale Mills is affectionately known as Uncle Dale by the Busby quints and by fans of TLC. Well, everyone seems to love him because he’s great with the kids and he has a good sense of humor. Now that he shaded Hazel Busby, some fans agree that he’s probably the only person who can get away with it.

OutDaughtered Starlet Hazel Busby Is A Fan-Favorite

All of the Busby girls seem like nice kids, but naturally, fans have their favorites. Hazel found fans easily because she is the only one with red hair. Additionally, fans got to know her because she wore eyeglasses since she was very young. The ability to identify each kid really challenged a lot of people. Apart from physical attributes, people also love Hazel’s sweet nature.

OutDaughtered fans know that Uncle Dale really took a liking to Hazel. From the youngest age, she’d cry if he put her down. Whilst some people wondered if it was all scripted for the cameras, it seems that’s not the case. So, it seems unlikely that she’ll be terribly upset that he shaded her this week. Actually, one day she might grow up and laugh at her sassy uncle.

OutDaughtered Kid Hazel Busby Broke Her Eyeglasses

Last week, TLC fans noticed a few photos of Hazel revealed that she wasn’t wearing her glasses. At the time, Adam told them that the little girl broke her old pair. Anyway, he reported back on June 27, that she got some new ones. In his caption, he said, “Our Hazel Grace!!! 💚 She just couldn’t be any cuter! New Glasses 🤓 for this cutie pie!”

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Shades Hazel Busby
It’s A Buzz World / Instagram

OutDaughtered fans know that it has been a struggle for Adam and Danielle Bubsy to keep Hazel from losing or breaking her glasses. Of course, fans fear that the cute kid might have to undergo eye surgery one day. Of course, she already had that once before. As she has nystagmus, the optician often gives her a checkup.

Did Uncle Dale Shade Her Eyeglasses?

OutDaughtered fans saw in the comments that Uncle Dale wrote something. However, he didn’t shade Hazel’s glasses. Instead, he wrote, “She needs new teeth from the looks of it…” 

One fan who responded to the comment said, “leave her alone uncle doofus 🤣.”

Another fan wrote, “only YOU can get away with that 😂.” Meanwhile, others also took it good-naturedly because he’s their favorite “uncle” as well.

What do you think of Dake Mills shading Hazel’s appearance? Do you agree that only he can get away with it? Sound off in the comments below.

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