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90 day Fiance: Would Jasmine Pineda Get Her Visa Soon?

 90 day Fiance: Would Jasmine Pineda Get Her Visa Soon?Fans of the popular reality TV series, 90 day Fiance, watched the show in amazement as many couples strived to make it to the finish line. 

One of the most determined couples was Jasmine Pineda and her American lover Gino Palazzolo. At the end of the season, there were still engaged. Now, it’s time for Jasmine to come to America.

Meeting Jasmine For The First Time

Jasmine was a school teacher from Panama before she met Gino online. However, due to the pandemic,  both of them were struggling with their finances. That said, Gino still did his best to provide for the needs of his spouse. 

It seemed as if things were not going to work out the first time they met. Jasmine was attracted to Gino but trust was the major issue. For instance, when he took her for dinner, he tipped the waitress. 

Now, giving tips is very customary for people living in the US. Jasmine didn’t see it that way and she thought he was flirting.

Secondly, when she came for Christmas, she surprised Gino with a lot of gifts. Gino on the other hand did not reciprocate this kind gesture according to expectations. He gave Jasmine an electronic toothbrush for Christmas.

Thirdly, everyone was surprised that Gino sent  Jasmine’s nude photos to an ex. And this was not the first time he was doing this. He realized his mistake and tried to make it up to her. But Jasmine couldn’t trust him anymore. That was the highest form of disrespect. 

 90 day Fiance: Would Jasmine Pineda Get Her Visa Soon?

Ultimately, he proposed to her and she said yes. While she questioned his fidelity, it seemed as if she had forgiven him. At the end of the season, the couple was still engaged and also waxing strong. Now, many fans Would love to know if Jasmine’s visa has been approved.

Updates On Jasmine’s Visa

According to reports, Jasmine’s K-1 visa paperwork had already been submitted at the beginning of this year. It had already been pre-approved by April. Now, all it takes is just a little time.

Jasmine announced this news on her Instagram and she also revealed that she and Gino would be moving to Florida. According to her, the weather was much more accommodating. Gino lives in Michigan and he’s very much aware of how well Jasmine hates the cold weather.

Concerning her career, Jasmine intends to go into real estate. She agrees that it’s not an easy job but she’s willing to do all it takes to make it work.

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