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Sister wives: Meri Brown Is Stepping Into The New Month With A Man

Sister wives: Meri Brown Is Stepping Into The New Month With A ManMeri Brown has always been a fan of adventure. This is one of the reasons why she loves her MLM business. Going into network marketing has given Meri a chance to travel and also love her best life. Now she’s doing something different. However, she isn’t doing it alone this time.

Meeting Meri Brown

Even though she has a plural family, Meri is always alone. She complained about this in seasons 15 and 16 of the Sister Wives reality show. The pandemic greatly affected the Browns. The wives were all isolated in their homes which were slightly far from one another. This change was very new to viewers who have been watching the show since its first season.

Before Robyn came into the picture, the whole family lived under one roof. Each wife had their own space and Kody was always welcomed. The goal before moving to Flagstaff was to build a family house on a large plot of land. However, this didn’t happen. When the pandemic became very evident, while Kody was visiting the other wives, he never visited Meri.

Sister wives: Meri Brown Is Stepping Into The New Month With A Man

Meri Brown’s New Lifestyle

Fast forward to 2022, Meri has found peace in doing the things she loves. One of these is traveling on her own. She shared a photo on Instagram this week. In this photo, viewers could confirm that she came back to Utah for an adventure with her friend, Blair. 

They did some hiking together and made a small snowman too. Meri’s followers loved the fact that she has someone who she could have fun with. It’s great to see Meri enjoying her life without seeking validation from Kody and the other wives. Tell us what you think of her adventures in the comment section below.

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