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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Finds Love In Flagstaff 

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Finds Love In Flagstaff Fans of the popular TLC series, Sister Wives gave been earnestly waiting for Janelle Brown to leave the plural family. She has always been independent and never involved herself with the crisis happening within the family. 

When Christine Brown opted for a divorce, many people felt that Janelle would take the same route. Has she found love again?

Janelle Brown: Then And Now

When the series began in 2010, the three wives loved themselves. Meri was the first wife of Kody Brown. She was the only legal wife. The second wife, Janelle, always loved to work. Compared to the other wives, she was more fulfilled at the workplace than at home. 

When the third wife, Christine came into the picture, she took the role of a homemaker taking care of all the kids without complaint. This plural relationship worked very well until Kody started courting Robyn. 

Robyn was seen as a lovely person who admired Kody a lot. This was the same way Christine used to act. Robyn’s arrival came at a time when Christine was trying to put her needs first so it was perfect.

When the family relocated to Vegas, the wives lived in a cul-de-sac. They got the taste of freedom but they still maintained their relationship with each other. In time, the wives became financially independent. 

Christine and Meri joked about the MLM business while Janelle ventured into real estate and also became a wellness coach. By season 16, there were lots of issues happening within the family. 

Kody was making a lot of rules that affected the family. Christine had to quit the marriage because of this. It appeared that Kody was only intimate with Robyn. Many fans of the show have wondered why the other wives stayed if this was the truth. Now Janelle has found love again.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Finds Love In Flagstaff

Janelle’s New Lover

Fans of the show have been on the lookout for Christine and Janelle’s incredible adventures. Christine has been enjoying herself and living her best life ever since she left the house. 

Notwithstanding, she had Janelle by her side. 

They never allowed the issues happening within the family to affect their relationship. At a time Christine noted that Janelle doesn’t need Kody anymore. Janelle now has something she loves and she’s sharing it with all of her fans.

She was on a date with her daughter Savanah at the new Paleta Bar in Flagstaff and something amazing happened. They were served some delicious treats and they instantly fell in love with them. Janelle shared a video of their order on her Instagram. The dish looks amazing by the way.

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