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Unexpected Star Kylen Smith Disappears Off Social Media?

Unexpected Star Kylen Smith Disappears Off Social Media?Unexpected Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi seem to be more controversial than many of the members of the TLC cast. Initially, fans felt sorry for her, and they slammed Jason. Actually, people described him as abusive, However, sympathy wanes as Kylen got into disputes on social media. This week, she seemed to have disabled her account on Instagram.

Unexpected Drama From Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi

Kylen Smith took a lot of humiliation from her man, Jason. TLC fans started slamming him because he seemed way insensitive to her needs. Plenty of toxic twists and turns arrived.   Also, he took things to a new low with fans when he posted a  story about possibly expecting another baby. However, it turned out to be a clickbait story. As fans hate that, no wonder the comments were disabled.

Unexpected on TLC brought many people who ended up being slammed for being villains. Some of them moved on and maintain their Only Fans accounts. Others, like Hailey Tilford, still get hate mail. However, it seems that even those who were sympathetic now slam Kylen because of her many disputes on social media.

Unexpected Fans Slam Kylen Smith For Toxic Social Media

On June 20, u/Rueherdays on the r/TLCUnexpected subreddit shared some screenshots of a toxic conversation between her and someone thought to be a TikTokker named @kelskiller. Meanwhile, others thought it was between her and “another teen mom” on Instagram. However, TV Shows Ace reported that it was possibly someone named “Kelsie” on YouTube.

Unexpected Star Kylen Smith Disappears Off Social Media
u/Rueherdays- r/TLCUnexpected subreddit

In the various comments, a lot of hate came out for Kyle Smith. One Unexpected follower said, “I used to feel sorry for her, and I still kinda do regarding how Jason treats her-BUT I don’t see her trying to do better for her kid. It would be different if I saw her making an effort to be a better parent or act more mature, but she’s just as immature as Jason.” Anyway, it went on more, but clearly the fan lost any “sorry” feelings for her.

Deletes Social Media?

After the unhappy follower made their comment about “immature” Kylen Smith, another Unexpected fan penned, “It looks like she disabled [her Instagram] though. The girl she’s arguing with: @kelssux.” If that’s the case, then it could very well be the TikTokker.

Checking for Kylen Smith’s account, it is still up at this time. Perhaps she and Jason Korpi just went quiet to get over all the hate for a bit.

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