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Seeking Sister Wife Alum Ashley Prays For Dimitri On Father’s Day

Seeking Sister Wife Alum Ashley Prays For Dimitri On Father’s DaySeeking Sister Wife alums Ashley and Dimitri Snowden were tame in comparison to Garrick Merrifield;’s drama. However, from Season 1 to Season 3, perceptions about the couple changed. Instead of ending up with three wives, it looks like Dimitri now lives with no wives. Apparently, they split after the accusations that both of them were abusive to Christeline Pedersen. This Father’s Day, Ashley said that she prays for him.

Seeking Sister Wife Alums Dimitri & Ashley Snowden Out

TLC did not bring Ashley and Dimitri back for the newest season of the show. That might be a result of the unproven allegations that Dimitri demanded violent intimacy. At the time, even Ashley was accused of pushing Chriteline around. Actually, in support of her claims, another woman who claimed to have been their wife with them before the show, alleged a similar experience.

Another reason why the couple might not be in the new season of Seeking Sister Wife could be due to their split. The news arrived from Ashley on her Instagram back in July last year. If you don’t know, she said that she was “single.” Then in the caption, she also said, “My truth, because misinformation is harmful: I’m single and grateful for life ✨.” As you have to dig deep to see any recent photos of Dimitri, apparently, they remain apart.

Seeking Sister Wife Alum Ashley Posts On Father’s Day

Ashley Snowden took to her Instagram on June 19 and shared the first photo of Dimitri in a long time. In a very long post, she spoke about Dimitri being a great father. She noted, “Life has thrown all kinds of things at you, but the way you navigate fatherhood in spite of it all, is what makes you such a great “Papa”. For that, I thank you 🙏🏾 Dimitri.” 

Seeking Sister Wife Alum Ashley Prays For Dimitri On Father's Day
Ashley Snowden / Instagram

The Seeking Sister Wife alum called him “an amazing father and human being.” Additionally, the former TLC star talked about other dads and her thoughts on that. Her caption continued on talking about how das who show up “teaches resilience,” adding, “The world we live in requires it.”

Prayers For Dimitri and Other Dads

Seeking Sister Wife alum, Ashley Snowden also mentioned God. To the dad of her own kids, she said, “May God continue to show you his love and tender mercy, as you can continue to show up for our kiddos 🙏🏾♥️.”

For other dads, she noted, “You are seen. May God keep you lifted and be with you as you help raise up our children.”

It sounds like Ashley and her ex are still living separate lives, but he is there for the kids.

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