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Welcome To Plathville: Ethan Battles With Depression Over A Certain Issue 

 Welcome To Plathville: Ethan Battles With Depression Over A Certain Issue Trailers for the latest episode of the popular TLC series, Welcome to Plathville revealed that Ethan Plath has been feeling blue. 

It’s getting his wife, Olivia Plath scared and also worried about him. So what’s going on with the couple? Keep reading to find out.

How It All Began

As you all know, Ethan, Moriah, Olivia, and Nathan (Olivia’s brother) are currently living in Tampa at the moment.

They decided to start a new life here after Leaving Cairo. Since then, the family has done their best to adjust to their environment. 

At the moment, the family is living in a rental house. Ethan is also trying his best to find his place in this new city. The next episode focused on Ethan and also gave viewers a peek at how he’s faring.

Olivia Is Getting Worried About Ethan Plath’s Decision

TLC shared a clip on the latest episode of Welcome to Plathville On Monday, May 30. This New Episode will be released on Tuesday, May 31.  

In this clip, viewers can see Olivia and Ethan discussing what Ethan wants to do for a living. Now Ethan has been dealing with cars for a long time. 

He has a ton of experience working in auto shops. However, looking for opportunities in this new land has been very difficult.  

 Welcome To Plathville: Ethan Battles With Depression Over A Certain Issue 

This has kept him in a depressed state. Ethan is passionate about cars. The fact that he couldn’t get a job that supports his passion is taking a toll on him.

So, he’s considering going back to Cairo to do what he loves. As we said before,  the family is living on a rented property. 

Ethan feels that wasting money on the garage would make no sense. Hence, he. Belives it’s best to go to a place that would be financially suitable for him- Cairo.

Olivia is scared about this. This is because going back to Cairo may remind him of what he lost. He might just want to move back there. 

In addition, she’s afraid that the distance may affect their relationship. In the clip, She admits that she respects his decision but Ethan should also consider her feelings.

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