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Duggar News: Jessa Seewald Needs To Get A Makeover

Duggar News: Jessa Seewald Needs To Get A MakeoverMany Counting On fans think it’s time for Jessa Duggar Seewald to work on her ‘boring’ appearance. They’re calling her out on social media with the hope that she will change her looks very soon.

About Jessa’s Appearance

Jesse is one of Duggar’s daughters that haven’t changed their appearance since they left their parents’ home. Although there have been some changes in her dressing, she hasn’t done much compared to some of her sisters.

For instance, Jinger Vuolo has worked on her looks.  She has chopped off her hair, colored it, and now wears shorts, tank tops, and sneakers. Jill Dillard on the other hand has pierced her nose, bleached her hair, and even looks good in swimwear. In a way, Jessa’s sisters are beginning to see the other side of life. The Duggar fans feel that Jessa isn’t making any effort to change her style.

Duggar Fans Feel Jessa Needs A Major Overhaul on her looks 

Last month, a fan-made an anonymous confession on Instagram. She believed that Jessa would look good with a new haircut. This confession was affirmed by other fans in the comment section.

One fan wrote, ” I do think it’s time for Jessa to change up her hair a little bit, but I think she should leave it in its natural color.”

Duggar News: Jessa Seewald Needs To Get A Makeover

Another fan said that she looked “tired and old for her age.” Overall, her fans believe that there are lots of things Jessa could do to change her look.

Although not all of her fans think she’s getting ‘boring’. Many love her the way she is. That said, it’s up to Jessa to decide. Maybe she might pierce her nose or dye her hair just like her sisters. Feel free to drop your comments on what you think of this issue.

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